Largest, Longest, Highest and Smallest in Odisha 2023- Odisha Static GK [PDF]

Largest, Longest, Highest and Smallest in Odisha

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Basic Facts of Odisha

Before entering into the main topic in depth, just know some interesting facts about my homeland Odisha.

Odisha formerly known as Orissa is one of the states of India. It is located in the coastal region of India in east near Bay of Bengal. In the context of geographical extension, it shares boundary with 5 Indian states in north, west and south direction, but in the east lapsed with the sea.

Again, some quick facts are that in India, Odisha is the 8th largest state by area, 11st largest state by population and also 3rd largest state by tribal population.

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Largest, Longest, Highest and Smallest in Odisha 2023

Largest Pilgrim Site of Odisha – Puri
Greatest Bhoga – Mahaprasad, Puri
Greatest King – Gajapati Maharaj
Best Architectural Temple in Odisha – Konark SUN Temple
Largest War Fought – Kalinga War
Largest Famine in Odisha - Naanka Durviksha
Largest Matha – Emar Matha, Puri
Largest Chariot – Nandighosh, Puri
Largest Grand-road – Bada Danda, Puri
Largest Festival – Rathayatra, Puri
Largest temple - Jagannath Temple, Puri
Tallest Temple – Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar
Largest Book – Purnachandra Bhasakosa
Largest Fair – Baliyatra, Cuttack
Largest Wall – Meghanada Wall, Puri
Largest Grave yard – Swarga Dwara, Puri
Largest Sasana – Panchakosi Sasan, Puri
Largest field – Killa Maidan, Cuttack
Largest Hot Springs – Atri, Khurda
Highest Mountain peak – Deomali, Koraput
2nd highest Mountain peak – Mahendragiri, Gajapati
Largest Fort – Barabati Port, Cuttack
Largest Printing Press – Govt. Press, Cuttack
Largest Cave – Ranigumpha at Udayagiri, Bhubaneswar
Oldest City of Odisha – Cuttack
Largest University – Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
Oldest University – Ravenshaw college, Cuttack
Largest School – Ranihat High School, Cuttack
Largest Library – Harekrushna Mahatab State Library, Bhubaneswar
Largest Fish Research Inst – Kausalyaganga(CIFA), Bhubaneswar
Largest Rice Research Inst – Bidhyadharpur(CRRI), Cuttack
Largest Zoo in Odisha – Nandankanan Zoological Park
Largest Godown – Cuttack Malgodown
Largest Market – Unit-1 Market, BBSR
Largest Military Aerodromal – Charbatia, Cuttack
Largest park – Ekamra Kanan, Bhubaneswar
Longest George – SataKosia George (River Mahanadi)
Largest Mines – Talcher Coal Mines
Largest Thermal power station – Talcher Thermal
Largest Hydel power station – Indravati, Kalahandi
Largest Electric line - Balimela
Largest Cricket Stadium – Barabati Stadium, Cuttack
Largest Hockey Stadium – Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium, Rourkela
Largest Building in Odisha – State Secretariat, Bhubaneswar
Tallest Building in Odisha – World Trade Center Bhubaneswar
Largest Hospital – SCB Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack
Largest TV Studio – Kalinga Tv Studio
Largest Film Theater – Rajtarangini, Cuttack
Largest Radio Station – Akashbani, Cuttack
Largest Industrial Factory – Rourkela Steel Plant
Largest Aluminium Factory – NALCO, Angul

Largest port – Paradeep Port, Jagatsinghpur
Largest Light House – Balasore
Longest River – Mahanadi
Largest Salt water Lake – Chilika
Largest Fresh water Lake – Ansupa
Largest Pond – Bindu Sarobar, Bhubaneswar
Longest Dam – Hirakud Dam, Sambalpur
Longest River Bridge – T Setu bridge
Longest Waterfall – Barehipani Falls
Largest Water Park - Wonder World Water Park, Puri
Longest National Highway – NH 53
Shortest National Highway – NH 130C (20KM)
Largest State Highway - SH10 (650 KM)
Longest Fly Overbridge – Remuna, Balasore
Largest Bus Stand – Baramunda Bus Stand, Bhubaneswar
Largest Bus route – Bhubaneswar to Balimela
Largest Railway station – Khurda Station
Smallest Railway station : IB Station
Largest Tunnel – Maliguda, Koraput
Largest Airport – Biju Pattanaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar

Largest District (area) – Mayurbhanj
Smallest District (area) – Jagatsinghpur
Largest District (population) – Ganjam
Smallest District (population) – Deogarh
Largest CITY (area) – Cuttack
Largest CITY (population) – Bhubaneswar
Largest Block – Boriguma, Koraput
Largest Village – Bhuban (Dhenkanal)
Smallest Village – Tarimul (Keonjhar)
Lowest Rainfall District – Ganjam

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Frequently asked questions

Which is the longest river of Odisha?

The Mahanadi river is the longest river of Odisha. It originates from Shihawa hills of Chhatisgarh and having a total length of approximately 858 KM. It flows for a distance of 494 KM in Odisha.

Which river is called as Ganga of Odisha?

Actually no Ganga river flows in Odisha, but the Baitarani river is referred as ganga of Odisha. It named so because it originates from Gonasika Guptaganga hills of Keonjhar district in Odisha.

Which is the main river of Odisha?

The Mahanadi river is the main river of Odisha. It’s also the longest one in the state that drains into the Bay of Bengal. It is also the oldest river of Odisha.

Which is the highest waterfall in Odisha?

Barehipani Falls is the highest waterfall in Odisha. It is located in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. It’s height is approximately 399 meters.

Which is the longest river bridge in Odisha?

T-Setu bridge over Mahanadi river in Cuttack district of Odisha is the longest river bridge of Odisha. It named so as it built and looks like English alphabet T.


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