Kumar Purnima 2022 Date, Rituals, Tithi, Song, Photo, Wishes

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Kumar Purnima 2022

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Kumar Purnima in Odisha 2022

Festival Name Kumar Purnima
Celebrated Annualy
Celebrated in Odisha
2022 date October 9
2022 day Sunday
2022 Vidhi time October 09, 03.42 AM to October 10, 02,24 AM
Kumar Purnima Song Phula Baula Beni
Kumar Purnima photos given below
Kumar Purnima wishes given below

Kumar Purnima in Odisha is celebrated by the people of Odisha with lots of charm and celebrative vibes. The full-moon (purnima) of ashwina month is called and observed as Kumar Purnima 2022.

This festival is more specific to Hindus, thus it is a hindu festival and almost all of them observe this irrespective of caste.

Kumar Purnima is the festival of Odias as there is no evidence of celebration of Kumar Purnima in any other places outside of Odisha. So this is the native festival of Odisha and endemic to the region only.

Kumar Purnima is also referred as “Sarata Purnima / Sharad Purnima” because that the time of onset of Sarata season (Autumn) to the world. The ending of rainy season makes people more enthusiastic and the beauty of Sarata just enhance the pleasure of this festival.

This festival in Odisha builds good relationship among young girls an unite them. This is the day full of joy for them, they eagerly waiting for this one.

On Kumar Purnima day Gaja Laxmi Puja starts, which is more famous in Odisha.

Kumar Purnima 2022 Date

Kumar Purnima festival in Odisha is an annual festival that celebrated in year. But every year the day falls on different date, So its important to know the exact date for each year.

For this year, Kumar Purnima 2022 date is on October 9. The day for this date is Sunday.

As you know Sunday is fun day, So this year Kumar Purnima will be more joyful for maidens because its a holiday.

Kumar Purnima 2022 tithi time

Kumar Purnima 2022 Tithi Time: October 09, 03.42 AM to October 10, 02,24 AM.

We have procured it from internet, You are adviced to reach an astrologer / expert before proceeding. However this doesn’t matters most.

Kumar Purnima Rituals (Puja Vidhi)

Kumar Purnima is generally celebrated by unmarried girls in Odisha. They perform traditional rituals and also fast for the day with the hope of getting handsome & ideal husband in their future life.

Young girls collect various kinds of fruits, flowers, and they also cut cakes and sing Kumar Purnima Song in chorus.

This Kumar Purnima celebration is mainly perform  by maidens (Kumari). They dressed up with new and beautiful dresses. That’s the whole scenario of day time, but the night is more interesting than day.

On Kumar Purnima night, Maidens / young girls worship moon (Kumar Purnima Chanda) and hope for better married life with a husband like lord Kartikeya. Village girls generally gather at one place, they sing songs, play games in moonlight and also dance.

Morning & evening Anjuli Puja

Performing Anjuli is also an  important Kumar Purnima puja vidhi. Family members help in it and arrange ingredients like khaee, janhi (gourd), kakudi (cucumber), kadali (banana), nadia (coconut), gua (betel nut), and etc. to perform Anjuli Puja.

Maidens wake up early in the morning, wear new dresses after bath to perform ” Morning Anjuli / janhi Osa “. They take khaee on their palm along with one of the above ingredients and offer prayer to god sun. This happen at the place where sun is clearly visible.

The same rituals also performed in evening again by maidens at the time of fresh moon rise (Kumar Punei Janha) in the sky. In this case the offering is ” Chanda Chakata ” and prayer for god moon.

Kumar Purnima Games

The night of Kumar Purnima is more cheerful for girls and also for all. All assemble at one place and play various games among themselves.

Common games played in moonlight of kumar purnima are

  • Puchi
  • Kabbadi
  • Bohu-chori
  • Kho-kho
  • Bisa-amruta

Puchi game is the most played game in Kumar Purnima night. Villages and schools organize Puchi Competition for girls and the winner get reward prizes.

Kumar Purnima Song

The another attraction of the day of Kumar Purnima is the Kumar Purnima song. The most famous song for this day is “Phula Baula Beni“.

You can get the song on youtube or can click on below video for the song.

This song is sung by girls in chorus. In some places there are also song competition for girls. Girls also perform dance on this song at Kumara Utsava.

Kumar Purnima Photos & Wishes

Kumar purnima wishes
Kumar purnima wishes
Kumar purnima wishes
Kumar purnima wishes

FAQ (Kumar Purnima Odisha)

1) Why we celebrate Kumar Purnima ?

Ans:- Kumar Purnima is celebrated by maidens only. They do it for the purpose of getting handsome & ideal life-partner in their life.

2) Which goddess birthday is Kumar Purnima ?

Ans:- This Kumar Purnima is also observed as the birthday of Goddess Lakshmi, she usually known as goddess of wealth.

3) Kumar Purnima puja vidhi ?

Ans:- Specific rituals / puja vidhi are followed for Kumar Purnima. We have already discussed in above, You may go through that.

4) What can we eat in Kumar Purnima ?

Ans:- Some girls do fasting in Kumar Purnima, however there is no specific restriction on food items on this day. Usually foods are preferred along with staple foods.

5) How to do Kumar Purnima Puja ?

Ans:- You can do Kumar Purnima Puja on the way that described above. If anything wrong written then please tell us to correct that.

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