Kohinoor Calendar 2021 [All Months] Odia Calendar 2021 PDF & Kohinoor Panjika

A very warm welcome to odiahelper.in and keep supporting us. In this post I am sharing Kohinoor Calendar 2021 and Kohinoor Odia Calendar 2021 PDF for free.

Printing quality is crystal clear and in HD quality. The PDF file can be easily downloaded from below with just one click.

All months are arranged smoothly, So that you can easily navigate to any month. Coloured background for important days and has sankhipta panjika in odia language.

Here I am sharing a handy reference of Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2021 month wise with all festival dates and important days of the year.

Kohinoor Calendar 2021 Overview

Kohinoor Calendar 2021 is one of the most used and door to door popular in Odisha. People from Odisha follow Kohinoor Calendar 2021 mostly because of it’s accuracy, arrangement of important dates, monthly rashifala (horoscope) and panjika.

Pandit “Shri Krushna Prasad Khadiratna” has created this Odia Calendar and being published by Kohinoor press every year.

This Calendar is also known as Kohinoor Press Calendar or Odia Kohinoor Calendar as it is printed in odia language.

As like other Calenders, Kohinoor Calendar 2021 expresses all hindu festival dates, marriage dates, auspicious days along with important celebration days.

You will find 12 months and 6 seasons in Kohinoor Calendar 2021.

Twelve English month names in odia are (1) Baisakha (2) Jyestha (3) Ashadha (4) Srabana (5) Bhadraba (6) Aswina (7) Kartika (8) Margasira (9) Pausha (10) Magha (11) Phalguna (12) Chaitra. And

Six season names in odia are (1) Grishma (2) Barsha (3) Sarata (4) Hemanta (5) Sita (6) Basanta.

As per English Calendar, January is the first month and 1st January is New year’s starting day. In this manner, Odia New Year starts from Baisakha masa and Pana Sankranti is celebrated as Happy New Year in Odisha.

Odia Calendar 2021 for all Months

Here is the Odia Calendar 2021 for all months. You can download for any month or for the whole year from below. Click on the images to explore more about that month.

Odia Calendar 2021- February

Odia Calendar 2021 February
Odia Calendar 2021- March

Odia Calendar 2021 March
Odia Calendar 2021- April

Odia Calendar 2021 April
Odia Calendar 2021- May

Odia Calendar 2021 May
Odia Calendar 2021- June

Odia Calendar 2021 June
Odia Calendar 2021- July

Odia Calendar 2021 July
Odia Calendar 2021- August

Odia Calendar 2021 August
Odia Calendar 2021- September

Odia Calendar 2021 September
Odia Calendar 2021- October

Odia Calendar 2021 October
Odia Calendar 2021- November

Odia Calendar 2021 November
Odia Calendar 2021- December

Odia Calendar 2021 December

You can download all these images in PDF format for whole year from here. Scroll down to get it.

Odia Kohinoor Panjika 2021

Odia Panjika or Panji is also a part of Kohinoor Calendar 2021. You can use this Panjika to find out any important dates or days. All details are in the PDF file.

Benefits of Kohinoor Calendar 2021

As I told earlier that most people of Odisha follow Kohinoor Calendar 2021 and even this calendar has been used in Jagannath temple. So now point out it’s importance in below.

  • Correct dates for festival
  • Coloured design for important days
  • Masika Rashifala (monthly horoscope)
  • Purnima (full moon) & Amabasya (new moon) dates
  • Hindu marriage dates
  • Odia Panjika
  • Follows 12 months & 6 seasons
  • Shukla pakhya (bright fortnight) & Krushna pakhya (dark fortnight)
  • National festival dates

Odia Kohinoor Calendar 2021 PDF Download


In this post I shared everything related to Kohinoor Calendar 2021 and Odia Calendar 2021 for all months. You can easily download the PDF for all months or for any month easily from this website.

If you are facing any problem with the printing quality then let me know about the issue. Keep sharing and hold your supports on me. Thanks !

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