Khudurukuni Osha date (2022) Khudurukuni Osha Book PDF and Gita Download

Khudurukuni Osha dates & book

Again back with a new fresh article for the famous festival of Odisha named Khudurukuni Osha. In this article you can get a brief description and all factual information about Khudurukuni Osha 2022 dates. We will cover everything from A to Z of this puja festival so that a newbie can understand it all more easily.  Without further due, let’s start the article in a very simpler manner.

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Khudurukuni Osha 2022 dates

More of you have eager about the osha dates or you can say this as Khudurukuni Osha 2022 dates. Yes, they are dates not a single date / day. Basically this Khudurukuni Osha is done for 5 days in each sunday of Bhadraba Masa (month). So there are 5 distinct dates or Khudurukuni Osha Pali for this festival. Complete details about these dates for the current year are given below, you should not miss these infos.

Dates- Day

7 August- Sunday

14 August- Sunday

21 August- Sunday

28 August- Sunday

4 September- Sunday

Khudurukuni Osha Story

This festival is celebrated only in Odisha and by Odia unmarried girls only. However elders or married women assist them in doing the Osha.This is a complete odia festival and follow odia traditions. Both city and village girls celebrate this osha either individually or in a group.

This osha is also called in different names like Bhalukuni Puja or Tapoi Osha. This puja is more prevalent in eastern Odisha. In this goddess Mangala Maa is worshipped by girls for the well-being of their brothers. Those girls don’t having brother also do this osha. It is believed that Tapoi used to do this osha for her brothers who had gone for trade and business. The Puja rituals also uneven in different parts of Odisha but the purpose is same.

The timing of Khudurukuni Osha falls on Sundays of Odia Bhadraba Masa (August- September). This osha is done for 5 sundays which commonly referred as 5 Osha Pali in Odisha.

If you want to know more about this, then go to the frequently asked questions section below.

Khudurukuni Osha Book PDF

For worshiping or doing the complete the process of Khudurukuni Osha there is a must need of Khudurukuni Osha Book. In this book there are Khudurukuni Osha Song which needs to be chanted during worship by girls. This is considered as the most important part of this Osha and everybody does this.

Keeping this demand on mind, girls buy Khudurukuni Osha Book from the market and the price of Khudurukuni Osha Book is around 15- 20 rupees. But you don’t need to buy the book anymore, can download the same from here for free.

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Khudurukuni Osha Gita / Song Download

As for doing preparation of govt jobs books play a vital role, in such way the Khudurukuni Osha Gita plays a vital role in the worship of Maa Khudurukuni. Many girls have memorised this song for the osha but there are few exempted from this list. They can seek the help from this post.

Here in below, we have placed the audio version of Khudurukuni Osha Gita, you can download or listen multiple times to memorize the song. Even you can also use the song for recreational purpose and play on DJ during the puja.

Khudurukuni Osha Photo

If there are someone to whom you want to send the best wishes for Khudurukuni Osha then we will make this simple. You can simply share some Khudurukuni Osha Photos or Khudurukuni Osha wishes in odia with them. For this purpose we made some best photos of Maa Mangala on Khudurukuni Osha, you can share or download all from below for free.

You are not allowed to republish or reuse these images shared below for any purposes without our permission. Just download and use for entertainment purpose only.

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FaQs on Khudurukuni Osha

Who Celebrates Khudurukuni Osha ?

This festival only celebrated in Odisha. Only girls specifically unmarried girls celebrate this osha and elders or married women helps them in doing all steps. Boys do not do this Khudurukuni Osha.

Why Khudurukuni Osha is celebrated ?

Khudurukuni Osha is celebrated by girls for the well-being of their brothers. Even those girls not having brothers also celebrate this osha.

How to download Khudurukuni Osha Book ?

You can download Khudurukuni Osha Book PDF from our site for free. To do this just click on the above button and simply download to your device.

Last date of Khudurukuni Osha 2022 ?

As Khudurukuni Osha is celebrated for 5 days in every Sunday of Bhadraba month, so you need to know about the last date or last pali. You can check this from above, I mentioned all in a best way.

Who started Khudurukuni Osha ?

It is believed that Tapoi started the Khudurukuni Osha for her brothers. Nowadays almost every girl of Odisha celebrate this osha.

Now with these, we come to the end of this article. So it’s time to conclude the post and also saying thanks to all of you.


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