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Very warm welcome to all in this post regarding Janmashtami Date 2022 and you can also get Janmashtami Wishes in Hindi. This festival is going to fall on August month this year. Janmashtami 2022 is celebrated with great devotion of devotees for Lord Krishna and this great festival is celebrated across the country. This article clearly mentions What, How, When and Why of Janmashtami 2022. You can also get access to some Janmashtami Special drawings and Quotes through this post.

Without further due, let’s begin with taking Lord Krishna Janmashtami 2022 name in mind. Detailing are awaiting you in below, just scroll.

Janmashtami Date 2022

Janmashtami is celebrated as Lord Krishna was borned on this day and the day become more auspicious for this reason. It’s an annual festival means falls once in a year and the month may vary from August to September. Particularly in this year, Janmashtami Date 2022 or simply Krishna Janmashtami Date 2022 falls on 18th August 2022 which is Thursday.

Similarly,  In Odisha Janmashtami 2022 or Sri Krushna Janmastami 2022 falls on the same day and date as above  .i.e 18th Aug, 2022. Let’s know some more interestings about the Pan-India festival.

Janmashtami Greeting Cards

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Make Janmashtami wish 2022

Janmashtami wishes in hindi

To make more memorable and exhilarating this Janmashtami, we have something special for you. Just look below you can find many wishing images and also save all to your device. Share these images with others to make this year celebration more special.

Janmashtami wishes in hindi
Janmashtami wishes in hindi
Janmashtami wishes in hindi
Janmashtami wishes in hindi
Janmashtami wishes in hindi
Janmashtami wishes in hindi

Janmashtami in Odia photos & Wallpaper

In above we shared best Janmashtami wish images in hindi but if you want for Janmashtami in Odia wishes and wallpapers then here are some best picks for you. All these images are best designed for Krishna Janmashtami WhatsApp status photos. So have a look on it.

Janmashtami wishes in hindi
Janmashtami wishes in hindi
Janmashtami wishes in hindi

Janmashtami wishes in hindi

Janmashtami special drawings & cake

If you are looking for best images for Janmashtami wishes in hindi 2022 then they are available in above. After that also get Janmashtami Special drawings 2022 from here with high quality or HD quality.

This will make this day more devotional and memorable. So check our key findings on Janmashtami Special drawings from below.

Also found some key ideas on Janmashtami special cake from here. If you want Krishna matka cake then you can order them from online. I wish you may get the cake in reasonable price in your areas.

Janmashtami Quotes & SMS

Another way to celebrate this auspicious festival digitally is through Janmashtami Quotes and also by sending Janmashtami SMS to others.

Here are some best collections for your search is available on below. You can them all and can share with others. And yes, don’t forget to wish us in the comment box below.

Why Janmashtami is celebrated?

Janmashtami is the special day on which Lord Krishna was borned in this planet. The day is not calculated on date basis rather than astrological basis.

The birthday of Lord Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the auspicious day of Janmashtami. According to hindu calendar, this day is the Ashtami day of Krushna Paksha.

I hope you now understood the main reason behind celebration of Janmashtami.

How Janmashtami celebrated in Odisha India ?

Janmastami or Krishna Janmastami is celebrated in Odisha in the similar manner across the country. This hindu majority festival is done without consuming food and keep fasting until midnight.

Devotees worship the Lord Krishna by singing devotional songs, aarti and also with chanting shlokas dedicated to God. Temples are usually sparks with light and flowers, the idol is also decorated in a best way with jewellaries, crown and new clothes.

Schools, Colleges and all government offices remain closed on this day. You can also find drama on Krishna’s life and Bhajan Kirtan by devotees in various places.

When is janmashtami ?

Janmashtami is on the Ashtami day in Krishna Paksha, generally falls in August or September month. As the day is considered on tithi basis, so dates may vary from year to year. You can the exact date of Janmashtami 2022 from above sections.

Janmashtami dresses and sweets ?

Janmashtami is often celebrated with new dresses and by eating delicious sweets. Usually devotees make sweets at home and childrens comes with new dress setup. This is one of the major hindu festivals and specifically for Krishna devotees.


With this we come to the end of this article. This is about Janmashtami Date 2022 and Janmashtami wishes in hindi. You can also find out some about Janmashtami special drawings, quotes, Janmashtami wallpaper and cake.

We also covered the why, how and when of Janmashtami. If you found anything wrong in this article, then we are very sorry. Plz let us know that fault in comment section. Thanks and Happy Janmashtami !

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