How WhatsApp Web Works ? Quick Tips To Use WhatsApp on the Web

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Again back with some tips and tricks related to WhatsApp. I know you can find these in any other website but can’t find as simpler as I am explaining.

So, Are you ready to know how WhatsApp Web Works and all it’s uses ?

Then let’s explore it.

To know about WhatsApp Web, first know something about WhatsApp. So here the trailer of the movie begins.

What is WhatsApp App?

WhatsApp App or simply WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging service. Users are allowed to send text messages, voice messages, images, videos, document files, location, contact information and some other content.

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Now-a-Days you can also send payments through WhatsApp. This works upon UPI Payment System and indicates to more security.

You can also do voice call, video call and even group video call for free in WhatsApp. The quality of the call depends upon data connection speed.

WhatsApp communications are secured with end-to-end encryption that means only the people who are messaging can see and read the messages.

WhatsApp app is available for both Android phones and iPhones. Conversation through WhatsApp is completely free, only your device needs an active internet connection.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. This service is now extended to WhatsApp Business that allows business owners to communicate with their customers.

I hope, Now you have a basic idea about WhatsApp.

So it’s time to go ahead and watch the complete movie.

How WhatsApp Web Works ?

WhatsApp Web is the official web portal of WhatsApp messenger. This feature is highly web friendly and first lunched in 2015 to fulfil users’ need.

You can also tell it as a desktop version of WhatsApp messenger app and this can be used for laptop, pc, tablet, android tv and also in mobile phones.

That means you can now operate your WhatsApp in PC or laptop. This feature has solved many issues and allow WhatsApp to be used in multiple devices. Means with only one phone number, WhatsApp can be used both in mobile phone and PC also.

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It’s connection process is very simple. You need not to install WhatsApp Apk, but you need a web browser to access it.

How To use WhatsApp on the Web ?

A very simple process is needed with few steps to use WhatsApp on the Web. So here are all these.

  • Open browser and search for WhatsApp Web or simply go through this link on your PC / laptop.
  • You can see a QR code on the screen of laptop. Scan the QR code with your mobile.
  • After scanning, You can see your WhatsApp conversation on the laptop screen.

Amazing, that means you enabled WhatsApp Web on laptop / PC through WhatsApp Web.

    • how WhatsApp Web works
    • how WhatsApp Web works

This is quiet simple. But the problem is in 2nd step. So to know where is WhatsApp Web Scanner and how to find in mobile,  read next one.

Where is WhatsApp Web Scanner ?

If you are using WhatsApp App on your phone then I think you may know the answer of above question. Still I am explaining this in below.

To find WhatsApp Web Scanner on your mobile do the followings.

  • Open WhatsApp App on your phone & click on 3 dots at right top corner.
  • You can see there is an option “Linked Devices”. After clicking on that option you will see such a screen.
  • After clicking on “Link A Device” below page will open. Now click on “Ok” button to open the scanner.

This is the complete path where you can get WhatsApp Web Scanner on your mobile phone.

    • how WhatsApp Web works
    • how WhatsApp Web works
    • how WhatsApp Web works

After scanning the QR code (already opened on laptop or PC) with mobile, WhatsApp Web will be activated on that particular number.

How To Logout from WhatsApp Web ?

If you finished your work then it’s time to logout from WhatsApp Web. You can do it in a fair way very easily.

Go through the same path on mobile as explained under Where is WhatsApp Web Scanner ?

How WhatsApp Web works

Now you can see all linked devices to the mobile number. Simply sign out from all at once or one by one.

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Is WhatsApp Web Safe ?

Yes, WhatsApp Web is completely safe and fully secure. This is offered by WhatsApp officially and anyone can use it for free.

Final Verdict

I hope this post with my explanation may help you to know How WhatsApp Web Works ? Quick Tips To Use WhatsApp on the Web. After all if you have any problem then feel free to contact us or comment below. Thanks !

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